Inco Construction in Austin Texas

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Inco Construction

💩 - September 26, 2021 - Franco
I hired Roto-rooter for a water flood in my house. Roto-rooter was great, and one of their guys named Rhace recommended Inco Construction. I felt so taken care of by the Roto-rooter team that I only did a quick scan on Inco. They were so nice, Alex was very professional. So I paid up front $10,300 for a build back. Then Alex disappeared and stopped answering his texts. So I then started calling the office lady Diane, and she then started handling my stuff. They hardly did any work in the 2 months we were at a hotel and my family and I ended back up in our house right before Thanksgiving onto concrete floors and one working bathroom. I have 4 kids and it's heartbreaking to have no working kitchen and blow-up mattresses to put your 2 toddlers and older kids to bed on. I kept asking for receipts repeatedly and finally got one weeks later with no unit cost and it said I owed them more money. They told me to go by the Insurance claim that Allstate gave me and by that, they owed me o